And so ends the life of a Poet among Men


Image: Mario Benedetti, taken from

We have just received word. Mario Benedetti succumbed to death while in a hospital in Montevideo due to complications while receiving surgery for a non-life threatening health issue. It is the decisive finale of an 88-year era belonging to this poet.

The doctors first only reported the death of another poet, Idea Vilariño, also from Uruguay and of the same generation of 45. Later we found out the whole truth. A man who can unhesitatingly referred to as an intellectual has passed, a dissent to the dictatorship in his own country, the man who dazzled generation after generation with his beautiful poems.

Benedetti, thank you. Thank you so much wherever you are, your works will last forever. We Cubans have felt your pain and we are also feeling the sorrow of this time as well.

Years will pass, other good writers will come along, but there will only ever be one Mario Benedetti. From behind these bars, I send out my solidarity and respect to the family and friends of this great writer. Today you may have physical left us, but empty of spirit is the man who cannot understand that men like you do not die, they live on forever through their work and in our hearts.

You, you virtuoso among the great, you artist, Benedetti.

Pablo Pacheco: Canaleta Prison


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