The return of a political prisoner


Image: Depósito de agua de Picasso

On the afternoon on May 30th, Antonio Díaz Sanchez was returned to Canaleta Prison in the province of Ciego de Ávila as a political prisoner after almost a year of specialized treatment in the Cuban capital military hospital.

Díaz Sanchez was moved to Havana in September 2008 due ulcerated colitis, a condition that forces blood into the colon. This disease, the doctors assured him, was due stress caused by the malnourishment and mistreatment he received in the prison.

Díaz Sanchez, sentenced to 20 years of incarceration, belongs to the Christian Liberation Movement and was one of 75 dissidents arrested during Black Spring in 2003.

According to military sources, Díaz Sanchez is currently in isolation for refusing to wear standard prisoner dress. His current condition is unknown. When he was arrested he was a healthy man, according to several accused being housed in galley 43 in the third detachment of the prison, and he lived in the municipality of Marianao, a suburb of Havana.

Pablo Pacheco: Canaleta Prison


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