Selling out or trading up?

daumier_entreacto_2Iamge: “Entracte” by Daumier

History has taught us that those who persevere, triumph. Unfortunately, sometime the trophy ends up being a double-edged sword. The government of Havana has launched a never-before-seen campaign in opposition of the Organization of American States (OAS) and its allies have only added to the crusade.

Forgetting, once in a while, that they are members of this same world organization and whatever plagues one of them plagues them all. I hope that the government of the Brothers Castro does not forget the opportunity offered to them when the clause that expelled them from the OAS in 1962 was revoked.

The authorities in Cuba must look at the future of this with a clearer vision. And there is a golden rule that should never be forgotten: you can only help those who want to be helped.

I do not refer to enemies within our midst, for here we are all Cubans and we are all equal. But I can perhaps figure out the reason. A few weeks ago, I listened to several government civil servants, included among them was the Republic President Raúl Castro Ruz saying, he probably believing it too, that when political prisoners are liberate it is a gesture of good will.. with the United States. What an ingeniously mischievous statement.

It is true that any measure taken in benefit of a Cuban is indeed a gesture of good faith, this is an undeniable fact. But not for a foreign government, only with Cubans.

Favorable conditions exist in America’s future. Many governmental powers are of a leftist mindset and are friendly to Cuba. Places you wouldn’t see or hear the insolent moniker ‘The Motherland or Death, we shall conquer’.

Perhaps I can add that plenty of governments espouse socialist values, but not those exported from the now defunct Soviet Union to this tiny island in the Caribbean.

Now we sit and wait for Cuba’s response: will Cuba agree to rejoin the OAS, reproachable for its behavior, though influenced by unlucky dictatorships from the past, and the ideologies it proclaimed?

Cuba must then also accept the democracy established in the Magna Carta of the organization. And, in addition, in the times that are ahead, allow the OAS to decide what is best for this beautiful island and all Cubans.

Havana, not that it has to, could accept the challenge. I reiterate my previous opinion: it has to accept help, it has to change. We have spent too many years being isolated for one reason or another. We have seen it before, with Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela and others, countries with their success and their failures, but aiming ultimately for the good of their people.

With the help and sponsorship for these friendly nations, our government may feel like they are selling out, but that can only benefit 11 million Cubans, starving for freedom and prosperity.

Pablo Pacheco: Canaleta Prison


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