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Image: Fernand Léger

Inevitably, information technology generates space. Day after day, also inevitably, closed regimes suffocate in the little space they guarantee themselves to remain in power. Yesterday, Darais Reyes, the wife of Norman Hernandez Gonzalez, director of the College of Independent Journalists in Camaguey and arrested during the Black Spring of 2003, told me that those in exile were helping this excellent social communicator create his own blog.

The project fits perfectly and would be a responsibility with freedom for all those who can help the journalists imprisoned in 2003 have their own blogs, or for those who have an aptitude for writing. I don’t believe that creating a blog for each one of us, or for the most possible, will democratize this country.  But it’s an opening through which we can talk about our reality. I am convinced that news, commentaries, chronicles and articles will get out to those in charge and available to post them on the Web. There are many, very many prisoners who are ready to help. If it works, a deep divide will collapse.

It’s true that some people feel suspicious of the blogger movement in Cuba. I am not one of those who believe that this evolution of information confines the independent press, not at all: free information that other good Cubans founded by force of valor, dedication and patriotism is the pillar attained up to now. But the world is in motion, and we with it. Truthfully, right now there are many competent independent journalists whom I admire and respect, as I also admire and respect other good journalists who are limited in what they would like to write for obvious reasons. And saying this, I say something else: I can’t make heads or tails of the unauthorized attack on the current blogger movement, and I want someone to guarantee that if this movement had existed in March 2003, many of my colleagues in independent journalism would not be suffering suspensions today.

I’m not saying this to criticize what others write. This is a fundamental right that God gives us. And only the Communist regime that today imprisons free thought is responsible for deciding who can or cannot write for the information media available to the Cuban people. I know of other colleagues who were part of the 75 arrested who have now attained their freedom, enjoying their own blogs. Congratulations to them. Also, I congratulate Normando, and I think now of when I decided to accept help from those I admire to create my own blog. I did not need to ask permission, nor did I need permission to join the dissident movement. And today I give thanks to God for feeling I am the most free man in this world that is sometimes very ingrained with prejudices and taboos that go against a true democracy

Pablo Pacheco: Canaleta Prison


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