The Case of Heriberto Castillo Sanchez

abst20-60x70cmacrilicolImage: Abstract by Luis Trapaga

On the afternoon of June 7, Andres Licea, the interior order agent, told Heriberto Castillo Sanchez that they would not take him to his appointment with a gastroenterologist at the Antonio Luaces Hiraola provincial hospital because there was no available car.

Castillo Sanchez told me that this is another cock-and-bull story from the police to destabilize him psychologically. He asserts that on June 9, he was escorted to the hospital in shackles similar to the ones we see on television on the supposed terrorists at Guantanamo naval base, those shackles that are known as “Shakira” in this prison. He adds that the guards allege in his prison file that he is a “flight risk” because he wants to be a permanent resident in the United States.

Heriberto Castillo Sanchez states that the Hepatitis C they detected was acquired in Cuban prisons, since before his arrest for supposed human trafficking, without any other human on his boat, he was a healthy man. Castillo Sanchez is serving a 15-year prison sentence, and in recent biopsies the specialists said there were important changes in the fat levels in his liver. This prisoner, 42 years old, has to go every month to consult with his doctor and have his health evaluated. Now he finds himself in Section 3, Barracks 43 of Canaleta Prison, unable to keep his appointment.

Pablo Pacheco: Canaleta Prison


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