Leave the intolerance aside

Regarding the singer Juanes’ visit to the island, some compatriots, on and off the island, have stirred up a lamentable reaction of intolerance and rejection. This has even led to some acts of intransigence which, by my understanding, do not correlate with the essence and spirit of democracy. What difference is there between these stubborn attitudes and those daily systematic and institutional ones that are forced upon us by the totalitarian regime of the Castros? Is it that for you there are dictatorships of the left or of the right? Civil regimes or military ones? Well, for me none of those classifications exist: There are dictatorships, period.

Is Juanes coming to sing for the tyrant on his birthday, for the nomenklatura living under a capitalism of luxury, waste, and sinecures of all types, or is he coming to sing for the suffering Cuban people? Brothers and sisters, please analyze this intolerant posture that only serves the same Castroite regime to feed its hatreds and justify its cruel, inhuman and degrading acts against the same population for whom Juanes is coming to sing.

Compatriots, one cannot hypocritically demand morality; if one fights civilly for a new Cuba let it be for all, with all, and for the benefit of all. Let us begin by adopting praise-worthy and dignifying democratic principles and leave the intolerance to the communist regime in Havana.

Pedro Argüelles Morán, Group of the 75, Provincial Prison of Canaleta, Cuba


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