Other Reprisals against Political Prisoner in Ciego de Avila


Image: La Quimera de Arezzo

The prisoner of conscience Antonio Ramón Díaz Sánchez finds himself confined to an isolation cell in the provincial prison of Canaleta in Ciego de Avila.  Tony, who is also a member of the Group of 75 and who resides in the municipal capital of Marianao, finds himself isolated since May 30 for refusing to wear the uniform of a common prisoner and is currently confronting reprisals against him from Castro’s political police.  Some of these restrictions include denying him the right to receive family mail and visits of religious assistance, among others.

On August 12 Tony was allowed his regulated two-hour family visit, and he requested, as is the habitual practice for prisoners who live in Havana, that they also permit his three-hour matrimonial visit the same day, but the prison warden flat-out refused, alleging that he’d get his conjugal visit on August 20.  Furthermore, his family brought him some photocopies of a Spanish press article that were taken away from them at the prison entrance. The soldiers said that they would be given to Tony later, but when his family left after the visit, the press articles were returned to them, denying Tony his right to freedom of information in Canaleta prison.

Pedro Argüelles Morán
Group of the 75
Provincial prison of Canaleta in Ciego de Avila


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