A Missile in the Form of a Human Body

Image: Bird, by Botero

In the 2009 World Athletic Championships in Berlin, we witnessed a phenomenon. Many label him an extraterrestrial and others refer to him as an airplane. I prefer to call him a missile in the form of a human body. Usain Bolt, the “Jamaican knife,” left the crowd stupefied by showing his stuff in the 100-meter dash. The human missile broke his own world record, stopping the clock at 9.58 and putting the predictions of scientists into the ground, as my friend Iván says. And unbelievably, the missile Bolt proved again that the human limit is unpredictable when he shattered the record, two days later, in the 800-meter dash, where he was clocked at l9.l9. Really, this is something of dreams, and he’s only 23 years old. What a nightmare for his rivals. I expect that Bolt will be the one to break his own record, because right now there is no one of his stature to rival him. I think that after Berlin 2009, the missile Bolt will aspire to beat his own record.

In the Beijing Olympics, Jamaica was placed among the first countries to win medals, in great part because of the three gold medals won by the missile Bolt. Now in Berlin, history repeats itself. This small Caribbean island is proud of its athlete with such incomparable charisma. As for the fans, we pray that this human missile does not hurt himself, and that he continues to bring glory to the world of sports.

Pablo Pacheco
Independent Journalist, Group of the 75
Provincial Prison of Canaleta, Ciego de Avila


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