We, the members of the group of the 75, as well as the many other political prisoners and prisoners of conscience have relied on the extraordinary stimulus and incentive that is solidarity, whether it be material or spiritual, coming from individuals and institutions on different points of the planet.

And on behalf of all of them and myself, I want to communicate our sincere gratitude and pray that God bless and protect them. We are jailed for being social communicators and civil fighters, who have assumed the noble and dignified role of fighting peacefully for the respect of the rights and liberties that are inherent to all human beings. The totalitarian Castro regime systematically and intentionally violates each and every one of the 30 articles found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We would like to let you all know that despite our suffering, we, along with our relatives, will continue onward, because we are convinced and committed to the just cause of Fundamental Rights and Liberties. Signs of solidarity and support for those of us who are rotting in jail because of our principles and ideals are gestures that exalt and dignify the human condition.

Pedro Arguelles Morán. Prisoner of Conscience from the Group of the 75. Jailed in Canaleta.


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