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In an unprecedented event within contemporary Cuban journalism, a president of the United States has responded to various questions coming from the blogger Yoani Sanchez. The questionnaire aimed at Barack Obama is interesting and very intelligent, coming from this young woman who has paid for the price of glory with composure and dignity, and also with physical blows and scratches- something inevitable for those who decide to not accept prison chains wrapped around their thoughts.

She doesn’t even consider herself an opponent of the regime in Havana. She has manifested this more than once. Perhaps her political innocence does not allow her to see that the tentacles of totalitarianism could not care less about her condition of being a woman. Many of my colleagues have read me the responses of Obama. In reality, they are at the height of the president of the most powerful nation on the planet. They prove that the use of force towards Cuba on behalf of the US only persists in the brains of the rulers of this economically worn-out country, which has no energy for any other wars, especially after the one we involved ourselves with – decades ago- in Africa.

It is possible that this could be the most appropriate moment for a rapprochement between Cuba and the United States. It is a fallacy that these two countries are historic enemies; their cultural and family ties more accurately demonstrate their closeness. We cannot forget that the majority of our own diaspora resides in the state of Florida, where they have triumphed economically and politically, helping with an extraordinary shipment of goods to us Cubans on the island.

Obama, upon responding to Yoani, proposes a dialogue with the acting president Raul Castro, without ignoring the exile community and of course taking into consideration those who suffer from imprisonment, persecution, and those of us who represent the emerging civil society. It is not the first time that Obama suggests a dialogue. To my understanding, he always receives the same rhetoric for an answer. I must point out that the philosophical thinking of Bismarck states that “politics is the art of the possible”. I do not call such a reflection into questioning, but it has been fifty years.

Just like that Yoani also touches upon an issue that provokes both contradiction and division between those Cubans who are here and those who are over there- the embargo. As famous as the Nobel Peace Prize. It is a universally unique case, or maybe that is how I think of it after hearing the same phrase time and time again. But it is very certain that bitter enemies of the US in the past have been able to reestablish relations with that world power- and that does not mean that both parties act like brothers but that they are not fighting to have each other’s heads anymore. In one occasion I read something written by Mother Theresa of Calcutta- “Justice without love is difficult, and intelligence without love is cruel.”

Lastly- with extraordinary acuteness- Yoani questions Barack Obama about a possible visit to the island. He, neither short nor sluggish, supports the equal rights of all Cubans, as he states for his future visit. Congratulations, President, out of the seven questions, to me this one has been the most effective one that was asked.

It’s true that this world is crazy- nobody read me the demands that Yoani Sanchez also made of the Cuban president Raul Castro, who has not yet responded. Surely, he won’t either.

Pablo Pacheco, prisoner of conscience, Canaleta Prison, Ciego de Avila, Cuba.


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  1. […] In reality, they are at the height of the president of the most powerful nation on the planet . They prove that the use of force towards Cuba on behalf of the US only persists in the brains of the rulers of this economically worn-out country , which has no energy for any other wars, … Independent journalist sentenced to twenty years in prison during the Black Spring of 2003. Currently in the Canaleta Prison , Ciego de Ávila, from where he dictates the entries in this blog. …Continued […]

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