Open Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States

Image: “Day of the Flowers” by Diego Rivera

Mr. President,

The Swedish Academy has wisely awarded you the Nobel Peace Prize, an award that exalts and dignifies the human condition. I think the Swedes honored you with such a high distinction in support of your extending a hand not only to friends but also to adversaries, and for inviting them to resolve differences at the negotiation table through dialogue and consensus, as the path to peace should be straightened out in a civilized manner; and for your tremendous responsibility, not just to your own country, but to all of humanity.

Mr. Obama: humanity needs peace, but without justice there cannot be peace, nor freedom; nor can truth prevail and much less love. Christian social doctrine proposes that “It’s human beings that must be saved; it’s human society that must be renewed”, and if we do not assume the moral and social responsibility of encouraging peace for human society and of dedicating all our necessary and useful efforts and sacrifices, then all the evils that afflict humanity will not be resolved, and neither peace nor fraternity, solidarity, common good, nor the state of having rights will prevail.

Mr. President, please, do not forget the political prisoners and those of conscience who are rotting their lives away in the many dungeons, those who are accused and persecuted because of their ideas and democratic principles, those who live poorly, weighed down by tremendous material and spiritual misery, denied the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as is the case, among others, in Cuba, North Korea, and Sudan; those who are held hostage by the narco-terrorists of the inaccurately-named Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, and also the Nobel Peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, who suffers from bad health and for years now has been subjected to house arrest in Rangoon, Burma.

Mr. Obama, I modestly congratulate you and wholeheartedly wish that God may bless, guide, and enlighten you so you can achieve all the outcomes you have proposed to accomplish during your administration both on a national level and on a very important international level. I am of mixed race like you, and I have been jailed for being a social communicator in favor of the human rights and liberties that are inherent in the dignity of all human beings.

Pedro Argüelles Morán. Group of the 75. Provincial Prison of Canaleta. Ciego de Avila, Cuba.



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  2. Dear Pablo,
    You have written a great letter to my President that will mean much to him. I truly believe that he will work for freedom for all the peoples of the world and your plea will not go unheard. God bless you.

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