Chavez, America’s Umbilical Cord

The modern world, for many of the politicians that have souls of tyrants, is synonymous with prisons, commotions, and the promotion of rebellion. Today I was able to see and hear Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, president of Venezuela, once more reiterate the breaking of diplomatic ties with the neighboring country of Colombia.

I have started to think that to Chavez, the word “democracy” is interchangeable with “prostitute”. However, it is clear that Colombia’s president, Alvaro Uribe, has also something to do with this, seeing as he has accepted Chavez’s game, who at this moment, due to the power derived from Venezuelan petroleum, believes himself to be the center of the world.

Chavez is hysterical about the 7 new military bases in Colombian territory. According to him, these bases severely threaten the revolution which he is commanding. Perhaps this man has failed to comprehend the course of history- everything that is against human liberties is condemned to fail.

Sometimes, while I am in thought in the middle of a sleepless night upon my bed, surrounded by 26 other recluses who are barely even interested in analyzing Cuba’s own situation, I have reached the conclusion that I feel as if I am plowing in the middle of the sea. How is it possible that leftist politicians can criticize, with all their strength, a sovereign decision made by Colombia and on the other hand can so irresponsibly fail to mention the precarious situation that faces Cuba’s political prisoners.

Without much noise, the authorities of Havana systematically violate the rights of these men and of this entire country to the extreme by denying the most elemental security to those of the group of the 75 of the Black Spring 2003 whom have been sanctioned, especially those whose sanctions exceed 20 years of deprivation of freedom.

I know, and I say it by my own account, that sometimes we drag prejudices with us that are nothing else but archaic. We came to jail because of an unjust and irrational set of laws. But in essence, we all will continue fighting and we do it for the rights of our compatriots.

So then, why don’t we now yell that they are violating a constitutional right, like having the right to agree on the less severe. Chavez, Correa, Evo Morales, and Raul Castro know exactly what they want and I am convinced that they will not rest until they achieve a continental blockade and manipulating the minds of their countries, and also of attaching the blame of each and every failure to the powerful North.

There exist no differences among George W. Bush and those who think that “if you are not with me, then you are against me”. I hope that someone with some sort of firmness within the government of Chavez lets him know that no one is the center of the world.

Pablo Pacheco, prisoner of conscience, Canaleta Prison, Ciego de Avila, Cuba


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