Facing the Wall (3)

Image: Blue Flame by Magdalena Salamanca.

Some time ago, a friend of mine told me, “Cuba is a country where one can only live as crazy or drunk.” I looked at him astonished and something perplexed me. I told him, “But I don’t even drink…”, and he responded, “Do you by any chance think you are sane?”, and I could not give him a reply.

It is probable that you may think very little, reasonably, about some of the truths which I live daily in my neighborhood, or about the comments heard in the street corner. I remember Raul Rivero and his articles, his comments, along with that question I used to ask myself: what led him to say, “There are traitors in all parts of the world, nevertheless look amongst your brothers and see who will defend you and seek a better future for Cuba”?

In my hands I have found an eager read of a book entitled ‘The Grand Fraud’ or ‘The Grand Lie of an Old Fighter’, and a great light turned on in my head. One of the battle methods of communists has been to discredit its opponents. Slander has been at the basis of its principles. How much must have Andrei Sajarov suffered thrown in one of the corners, suffering the ignominy of being one of the agents of the famous “Czechs”; or even Raul, a member of State Security, the political police. Today more than ever I am able to understand them; Andrei yesterday, and Raul today.

How much sadness must they have felt as they saw how the lies began taking shape, who knows, maybe amongst their circle of friends or family. Seeing themselves trapped in a circle surrounded by fire or being trapped in a grand cycle of waves, each moving in a different direction. For Andrei, only time and death separated him from the pain that weighed down upon his body. For Raul Rivero, Castro’s own hordes took up the task of cleansing him; he is a prisoner from the Black Spring of 2003 in Cuba and we all know what objective the government had in the imprisonment of those 75 men: nothing else but an exchange for the famous five spies. Rivero and Sajarov are already part of this brutal and macabre history. The first lives in forced exile and the latter already belongs to God, but even now there are still many of us still here in this long and green island, whom still are facing the execution wall.

Félix Navarro, prisoner of conscience. Text dictated by phone from the provincial prison of Ciego de Avila, Cuba.


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