Filthy Repression

Embarrassing to describe, but I do so with pure honesty. Military personnel are involved in filthy repression tactics against the young Yuniel Perdomo Pino, neighbor of the Cruz Verde building of Cotorro, in the city of Havana.

The guard, Rider, hit him twice with a stick when he asked for medical assistance for his leg that had been injected with fecal matter on June 15th, 2009. Lieutenant Eugenio de la Cruz ordered him to be taken to the Order of Interior with his hands handcuffed and against his back. There they struggle to remove part of a razor blade from his mouth. The sergeant Major, Landy, second chief of the prison, orders:

-“Check him! Fags hide blades between their butt-cheeks.”

They lowered his pants and the first sub-official, Omar Baudinot Malleta, checked in his (Yuniel) buttocks with a pencil before the gaze of all the officers with high ranking- Esmir, Gamboa, Guerra, Cartalla, and Viltres. Perdomo asks Landy if this is allowed in an inspection and he approves.

-“I will denounce you all!” screams Yuniel.

-“And you won’t be able to prove it because we are all officers here!” they respond.

They admit him into a punishment cell and he is left completely alone until 3 days after when the chief, Cintras, goes to visit him and takes him before the chief of the prison, Colonel Reinerio Diaz Betancourt , and also Landy and Omar Baudinot Malleta, where Perdomo Pino ratified the sexual aggression and the attempt on Yuniel’s dignity.

Soon, a declaration was made before the supposed fiscal officer on January 15, 2010. During an interview, colonel Reinerio Diaz Betancourt proposed:

-“If you were another person you would tell your mom to withdraw the accusation and we would help you over here, we’d take you out to work.”

From the Provincial Prison of Canaleta, Ciego de Avila. Felix Navarro Rodriguez, prisoner of conscience and member of the group for democracy, Pedro Luis Boitel.


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