Auto-Assaults: A Constant in Cuban Jails

Auto-Assaults: A Constant in Cuban Jails

Image: The Dance by Henri Matisse

During the morning hours of December 29th, the common prisoner Yaril Martinez Bustamante was transferred to the penal hospital of Canaleta for auto assaulting himself on one of his arms, according to the story told by a worthy source whom preferred to remain anonymous in fear of reprisals. Witnesses assured that the young recluse sliced his veins and decided to start a hunger strike in response to the act of the police authorities incriminating him in an investigation of corruption under which also included are the militants Rodolfo Leiva Gonzalez, Victor Marin, and an unidentified third person, who are currently detained in the granges for internal prisoners, Nadales 1, Nadales 2, and Vicente, where they await their trial.

Those members of the Department of the Interior were arrested during the beginning of this past September, even though some of ther family members protested that the proof against them are not tangible with the crime imputed by the fiscal powers. At the closing of this situation it was made known that Yaril Martinez Bustamante remained an entire night without clothes in a punishment cell of this Canaleta prison, enduring a temperature of 14 degrees Celsius. Also, I got to see, with my own eyes, the recluse Osmany Corudo Ronet attacked himself in his arm. This convict suffers from psychological disorders.

Pablo Pacheco, political prisoner in Canaleta prison in Ciego de Avila, Cuba.


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