The Law of the Strongest

Skylight by Fernando Urena


The law which is imposed by many of the officials in the Canaleta prison is the law of the strongest, and in this case, the strongest are them. They resolve everything through physical blows, attacks, and abuses of power. To search amongst them for the champion through such actions results in a trophy that would be difficult to award, seeing that there are many who resort to physical and verbal violence. One of the latest victims was the prisoner Jeanny Castillo Hernandez, whom was attacked by a recluse while he was handcuffed, during the night time on Sunday, December 13th in the penal hospital. Amongst the hits delivered to him he also received blows in his face, head, and ears on behalf of the chief Eugenio de la Cruz and the first sub-official Alejandro Mecias. All of this was right infront of the doctor on guard and the lieutenant Daniel Solas, whom asked the attackers to stop hitting Castillo Hernandez.

Chief Eugenio de la Cruz has his own personal conduct code, through a manner where his service sheet includes physical blows, extortions, sale of the right to conjugal pavillions, and numerous pressures to impose through force, perhaps with the intention of terminating his position as vanguard.

Example such as these complicate and impede the government of Cuba in terms of permitting the entrance to the relator against torture of the United Nations.

Félix Navarro Rodríguez, political prisoner of the Black Spring, Canaleta Prison of Ciego de Avila, Cuba



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