Young Prisoner Ends His Life

During the early morning hours of this past 28th of January, the common prisoner, Raudel Gonzalez Prieto, passed away in the provincial prison of Canaleta in Ciego de Avila. According to various sources, because of his blindness, Gonzalez Prieto was residing at the 23rd Galley of Detachment 4 where prisoners with chronic diseases live side by side.

The sources confirm that Gonzalez Prieto cut the veins on both his arms and when the functionary of the Order of the Interior, Lumbrado Alieski, arrived to take him to the hospital, he was already dying. In the same manner, it was made known that Gonzalez Prieto had been asking for days to speak with the board of penal directors, and at the moment of the self-infliction there was only one guard for Detachments 4 and 5.

In conclusion, the true motives for why this young man took his own life are still unknown. On the other hand, it was known that Gonzalez Prieto had been benefited with extra-penal liberty, but the tribunal revoked it on charges from a supposed bicycle robbery. They added five years to his prison sentence.

His residence is located in the municipality of Bolivia in the Avila province.

Pablo Pacheco, political prisoner in the provincial prison of Canaleta in Ciego de Avila, Cuba.