Orlando Zapata Tamayo Died Today

More information and links will be posted here as the evening goes on.

Please click here for more information about the life of Orlando Zapata Tamayo.

Note: Normally, we the translators and people who help post this blog stay in the background.  However, with this extraordinarily tragic event, and given the long delay in getting word from the prisoners to this page, we are stepping outside our background role just this one time.  The main translator and helper on this blog has prepared the following statement in Spanish and English.

Hoy murio Orlando Zapata Tamayo.  Nosotros, los voluntarios que manejamos este blog, Voces Tras Las Rejas, para alguno de los presos politicos en Cuba, quizieramos mostrar nuestras sinceras condolencias para la familia de Zapata Tamayo, en especial a su madre, Reina Luisa Tamayo. La noticia de hoy ha sido devastante, y nada mas comprueba que el regimen de los Castros solo oprime a su pueblo. Se han hecho los ciegos y  han dejado a este hombre morir.  Pero ni su vida, ni su lucha, fueron en vano.  La vida de Orlando Zapata Tamayo ha sido agregada a una lista muy larga y dolorosa de nombres de mujeres y hombres valientes que han dado todo sus vidas para lograr una Cuba libre. Su lucha continuara, sus ideas se manteneran firmes atraves de todo el pueblo Cubano y tambien por todos, aunque no sean Cubanos, que crean en la libertad, justicia, y los derechos humanos.  Nuestras oraciones estan con Orlando Zapata Tamayo, con su familia, y con todos los Cubanos que riesgan lo poco que tienen para luchar por lo justo.  Hoy, aunque sentiremos mucho dolor, toda la comunidad Cubana, en el exilio y dentro de la isla, tambien sentimos un gran orgullo en poder decir que Orlando Zapata Tamayo, era uno de los nuestros.  Que dios te guarde, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, a ti y a todos los tuyos.

Orlando Zapata Tamayo died today.  We, the volunteers who manage this blog, Voices Behind the Bars, for some of the political prisoners in Cuba, would like to demonstrate our sincerest condolences for the family of Zapata Tamayo, especially his mother, Reina Luisa Tamayo.  Today’s news has been devastating and only proves that the Castro regime only oppresses its people.  They have pretended to be blind, looked the other way, and have left this man to die.  But neither his life, or his struggle, were in vain.  The life of Orlando Zapata Tamayo has been added to a very long and painful list of names of brave men and women who have given all of their lives in order to achieve a Free Cuba.  His struggle will continue, his ideas will be firmly maintained through all of the Cuban people and also by everyone else who, even if you are not Cuban, believe in freedom, justice, and human rights.  Our prayers are with Orlando Zapata Tamayo, with his family, and with all the Cubans who risk the little that they have to fight for what’s right.  Today, although we may feel a great deal of pain, all of the Cuban community, in exile and within the island, also feel a great sense of pride because we are able to say that Orlando Zapata Tamayo was one of ours.  May God keep you, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, you and all of yours.


  1. ¡Viva Zapata! Que su memoria nos inspiran.

  2. To all the Brave Cubans who fight in their own way to deliver Cuba from the Despotic Tyrany of two Brutal brothers, I salute you. Keep the Faith- you are not alone. To Orlando Zapata Tomayo- Vaya con Dios.

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