Auto Determination…

In the midnight hours of this past 18th of March, the common prisoner Alexander Orrelis Soto ended his own life, according to sources close to the deceased. The sources also added that the suicide occured in Detachment 1 of the provincial prison of Canaleta in Ciego de Avila. Orrelis Soto wrote an abundance of letters to his family members before slicing his own veins and choking himself, assuring himself that it was out of pure personal determination, excluding any relative from responsibility. It became known that Orrelis Soto had been in captivity for many years residing in the northern municipality of Moron.

As soon as news of the suicide spread, high ranking soldiers from the Ministry of the Interior of Ciego de Avila and penal officers began to show up at the scene of the self-mutilation. In conclusion, the exact reasons for the victim to take his own life are still unknown.

On the other hand, I must point out that during this past January the blind prisoner, Raudel Gonzalez Prieto, also comitted suicide, as well as two other prisoners, Miguel Chaviano Rodriguez and Eduardo Luna Baez, whom in less than a year took the same path of auto determination to put an end to their personal problems.


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