Baseball and Electricity

The current Cuban National Baseball series will go down in history due to its peculiar development and surprising performances on behalf of teams like Cienfuegos and Guantanamo who, thanks to the results, made it into the post-series season. The authorities of “balls and strikes” decided to carry out all games during daytime hours, with only one match taking place at night with the purpose of conserving energy, in a country where the people can never imagine what the next sacrifice demanded by those in power will be.

I dedicate this commentary to the baseball fans of Detachment 3, Galley 43, in the provincial prison of Canaleta in Ciego de Avila, especially to a fan who from the very commencement of the play-offs has defiantly announced that his favorite team, the Industrials, would defeat the best team of all season: Sancti Spiritus. Rene Valle Ibarra, or Bimbo as he is commonly referred to, is an Industrial man by excellence and has never doubted the blue-ness of the capital, demonstrating that despite injuries, deceptions, and desertations, the team continues being the favorite within the courtyard.

Perhaps the passion for the game has removed me from the original idea. Fans of this national sport ask themselves, time and time again, how is it possible that the Giants of El Cerro could not offer a single evening game with the excuse of having lighting problems? In reality, I perceive more human misery than any other desires to conserve energy. We must remember that Latin-America has been the venue for many international events, from Central America to other corners of the world. Only some Olympic games have ceased happening here for obvious reasons.

In Cuba, to talk about the Giant of the capital, saving the distances, of course, is like talking about Yankee stadium in New York, Santiago Bernabeo of Madrid, or the Brazilian Maracana. I don’t doubt that it is possible that the next baseball season will result in being frustrating for fans, and I’m not referring to the team with most wins, but to the obligated gesture of the authorities the country towards the game which we consider our national sport. We wish to delight ourselves with an evening match between the blue ones and those difficult ones from Santiago.

While I write these lines, those from the capital and their neighbors in Havana await the outcomes of the latest classifications for the Western zones. Ciego de Avila repeats last year’s performance as they dispute over the pennant of Oriente. During these days, Cuba practically freezes and we all anxiously await the new baseball champion. As always and respecting the concept of impartiality, I wish the best would win, exhorting the government to resolve the electricity conflict that plagues our Latin America.

Pablo Pacheco Avila, prisoner of conscience


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