Terrorist Attacks in Russia

Without even having fully recovered from a previous terrorist attack, Russia was once again slammed by the desperate extremism of those who still think that the solutions for the problems of a country, an ethnicity, or a race should be resolved through the most dramatic and drastic of ways that currently exist. Once again, the harsh whip of terrorism has demonstrated that their objectives do not have a specific and defined rostrum. I am convinced that terrorism, in any of its manifestations, is both a direct and indirect attack on the good will of a country.

If a specific government is responsible for the misfortune and instability of countries that lie outside their own borders, there is no form of justification that should exist to appeal to such excessive terrors. I read the declarations made by the prime minister and ex-president of Russia, Vladimir Putin. I do not ignore the capacity of this man who, practically overnight, went from being chief of one of the most repressive and relentless intelligence services of this past century, to becoming one of the principal pillars of democracy in that European country. Putin has labeled those responsible for the crimes as “thugs”. Personally, I think he has been much too courteous with these suicidal fanatics whom I really think hate the human race, and really do not deserve to live under human conditions. I admit that Putin has knowledge, but Dimitri Medvedev ends up being just a dreamer.

His thoughtlessness has shocked their allies. How can this politician think that, in order to eradicate terrorism and extremism, it is necessary to work alongside those people from the Northern Caucasus? I must clarify- I consider Medvedev to be an excellent leader, though when referring to terrorism, it is necessary to mention other dimensions of this planet.

I repeat: There is no such thing as right-wing or left-wing terrorism. Simply said, terrorism harms us all. I am convinced that, sooner or later, terrorism will capitulate due to its nature and to the firmness of countries that are anxious to live in peace and harmony, as we deserve in accordance with the will of God. Yet today, I once again mourn for the dead of our brother country of Russia. They will recover, the same way they have done time and time again throughout their rich and enviable history.

Pablo Pacheco, prisoner of conscience of the Black Spring of 2003, Canaleta Prison in Ciego de Avila, Cuba.


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  1. I am certain that “We The Free People” long for the proper treatment of humans and our dignity worldwide as equally as I am certain that the tyrants that oppress us and push forward to One World Gov’t, have nominated presidents both foreign & domestic with one thing in mind; those they can control, and align with their hunger for human dominion, control, and the draining of our mental ability to analyze, comprehend and decipher that nothing happens without the carefully thought out plans of stripping the common people of our rights, & inheritance; substituted for priveledges that are none existent. To remove all to the extent of slow death, replacing one mans carcass for another – dead or alive; to be void of voice, is one in the same.

    May God who sees all and knows what can only be hidden from men; the intent of the heart; hear our cry for justice and vindicate us; feed our people spiritual food abundantly, that we may have the knowledge to succeed any and all man made regimes, and live without confines.

    May those who are outside of bars, bend their knees for those that are, and seek the only one who can make a difference, may we unite in the fight, that one mans triumph be accredited to all in our heavenly accounts.

    Thank you for your hard work and determination to get the truth out to the world. May your voices be heard in the four corners of the earth and those that claim to be Cuban rise above their self-centered comfort to join and seek freedom for all.

    God, the Israelites were 40 years in captivity, the Cubans too have had their like share of slavery. May Moses rise and the waters part to receive those who have turned to you and cried to what seemed deaf ears.

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