Deaf and Mute

Image: Edvard Munch- The Scream

There is no worse deaf person than he who wishes not to hear, the same way that there is no worse mute than he who wishes not to speak. This game of words which seems like a tongue-twister reminds me of my favorite professor, Reinaldo Exposito, who would teach me similar phrases during my years as a primary school student.

The Cuban government, through its hard work of trying to halt the accusation campaign that has taken shape throughout the last few weeks as a result of the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo on the 23rd of February, once again repeats the vile and rhetorical discourse that is always does. It’s possible that those who are responsible for so much misinformation may believe themselves of inhabiting another galaxy, for such ignorance cannot be possible.

The Granma newspaper, the official medium of Cuba’s communist party, in their publication for the 29th of March, once again vulgarly and dissapointingly has lied to those of us who love the reliability of the news. The ideologists of the communist newspaper, responsible for approving or rejecting any of the news that is published, tightly hold on to the idea that telling one lie over and over again will eventually make it believable. In that manner, they claim that Orlando Zapata Tamayo was in no way a political prisoner and that, instead, he was nothing more than a common criminal.

At this point in the game, I recognize that lying requires talent and originiality, of course. I have lost count of the times that the spokespersons and even the maximum leaders of this country have manifested that in Cuba their are no political prisoners. If this wasn’t such a sensible subject, it’d be a great theme for a television comedy.

The incoherent aggressive and degrading attitude of a person against anyone, especially if it is a deceased person, is so serious that the fallacy dispels itself by its own weight. Orlando Zapata Tamayo was more than just a political prisoner of conscience- he was a symbol that directly shames those who, one way or another, lead him to his death. I invite those official journalists to investigate well and search through the archives of the political police, which would demonstrate the causes for which Zapata Tamayo was encarcelated. I don’t believe that they will find what they want to find with such harmful intentions- something so sordid and with such bad intentions. There exists the possibility that their conscience will make them cry in shame and that they will renounce their manipulative and dirty game.

In this beautiful island there are many political prisoners that, if it wasn’t for their dissident attitudes, they would have never even come close to seeing the front door of a prison barracks. I give God so many thanks of erasing the notion of servitude, which so many humans keep inside, from me. Cuba urgently needs all of her children, wherever it is they may be. It is very degrading to not serve the country for reasons foreign to the will of the most mediocre of men.

These seven years of captivity have showed me that jail is not the end of the world. In this place you live through almost everything: vile deeds, betrayals, mockeries, hate, savagery, and in many cases, the henchmen who run this place are more dirty and corrupted than the common criminal prisoners. To go on in silence does not rid us of our blames. The key word for these times in which we live is reconciliation. Anyone who maintains even a bit of clarity can perceive that Cuba can no longer continue being isolated from the real world. Virtual reality is like a science fiction film: everyone, good and bad, have the universal right to love their coutnry without conditions and resentments.

Pablo Pacheco Avila, prisoner of conscience


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