Moratinos and Havana

The illustrious Spanish minister of foreign affairs, Miguel Angel Moratinos, has returned to the scene. He has declared his absolute position towards the European bloc and Havana through his eagerness of encouraging the European Union, Spain, and Cuba to engage in dialogue, according to the news report made by the state-run Granma newspaper.

Besides being laughable, Moratinos’ declarations are also ridiculous. I must point out that I will never be against dialogue. Rather, I am always in favor of conversations. But everything has a price. When the limit is passed, one reaches hypocrisy without taking consciousness into account.

In truth, I do not have anything against Moratinos or his government; he could go on defending his dialogue-with-Havana theory even though one cannot avoid that this approach has failed time and time again. The Spanish diplomat should take into account that Orlando Zapata Tamayo was a human being. I personally cite, within the nomenclature in power, that Zapata Tamayo was jailed for reasons of consciousness and politics. Moreover, even if he was a common prisoner it would not have changed a thing. The simple fact of being a person is more than enough to criticize even the most humane of systems.

I am convinced that Moratinos is unaware that in this prison known as Canaleta, in Ciego de Avila, at least 6 prisoners have died from suicide in a matter of only 14 months. The world has been informed of what has been occurring thanks to the political prisoners and the prisoners of conscience because the official press denies the deplorable situation taking place within Cuban jails.

I do not understand the political deafness of the Cuban government. At this moment, I have been informed that there have been more than 35 thousand signatures by intellectuals all over the world demanding freedom for political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, many of whom have deteriorated health after 7 years of captivity.

To me, this all has double meaning. This demonstrates that, despite the hate shown by authorities towards dissidents, we are not alone. One day all of us Cubans will have to sit down at the dialogue table. On that day, a specific ideology or system of government will not prevail and it will be the best thing for the country.

It’s true that the words spoken by Moratinos may hurt us much the same way that the words of Luis Ignacio “Lula” da Silva have. I cannot stop suggesting that Moratinos and Lula learn about the cruel reality that the political prisoners situated in prisons throughout the country face.

Nothing can forgive Moratinos for his ignorance, though I must remind you that he is a politician, even though he may think like a businessman. Meanwhile, we will continue firm and loving Cuba over any personal interests.

Pablo Pacheco Avila, prisoner of conscience


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