Calling Upon the European Union

We political prisoners and prisoners of conscience are addressing the Council of the European Union, which will meet during its scheduled semi-annual session and will discuss, among other things, the relations between the EU and Cuba. With total respect for the sovereignty of the Union and each of its member countries, we are aiming to push the following points:

1) We regard the common position based on a political block and adopted in 1996 as an ethical and dynamic mechanism that is on the path of promoting respect for fundamental rights and freedoms in Cuba, which with so much gradualism grants the Cuban government the possibility of collaborating with Europe if the Cuban government chooses to respect the rights and freedoms previously mentioned. Eliminating the common position or inverting the logic of its gradualness would, no doubt, constitute the furthering of the deterioration of the unalienable rights and freedoms of the Cuban people and would continue to initiate a barren and circular path that previous heads of states and governments of the Union and other nations have taken.

2) We are warning that the lamentable situation regarding political, civil, and economic rights, in addition to the lack of fundamental freedoms, could lead the Union and the international community to react. For that reason, we consider that if the analysis of the human rights situation in Cuba and its relations with the EU is limited to only one annual meeting, then it will be very insufficient.

3) Given the aggressive manner in which events in Cuba are occurring, we suggest that the Union institute a consultation mechanism that would be fluent in regard to the faculties of official representation for the Union’s foreign affairs as well as the European Commission that is capable of swiftly measuring the common position according to the behavior of respect towards fundamental rights and freedoms in Cuba. This mechanism could include:

A) Maintaining a constant monitoring process of elemental rights and freedoms over the sectors that supposedly promote those same rights within Cuba.

B) Semi-annually proposing concrete measures one way or another according to the gradualness of the common position and the course of such rights and freedoms in Cuba.

C) Acting as an interlocutor between the European Council and the Cuban government in order to continue the political dialogue that should not be abandoned.

D) Displaying the common European positions in international forums in order to stimulate their applications outside of the European Union’s frontiers.

We ask the EU’s member states to take our opinions into account during their analysis of EU-Cuba relations that will occur at the center of the European Council. At the same time, we are expressing our gratefulness towards the Council as well as all the other European institutions that have supported rights and freedoms for Cuba, as well as our immediate and unconditional release from prison.

We are inviting all the political prisoners and prisoners of conscience as well as all the organizations in and outside Cuba that concern themselves with rights and freedoms for the Cuban people to endorse this document.

The members of the group of the 75 that are confined to the provincial prison of Canaleta in Ciego de Avila: Antonio Ramon Diaz Sanchez, Pedro Arguelles Moran, Felix Navarro Rodriguez, Pablo Pacheco Avila, Adolfo Fernandez Sainz.


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