We Can’t Always be Deceived

There are many dissimilar forms of lying, but our fellow human beings cannot always be deceived. Right now, the authorities of Havana are carrying out a fierce campaign against anyone who dissents from the current political system to the extreme that they make a state journalist publish articles or entire websites that are run by, or sponsored, by the island’s government. We must know that the worst corruption of the revolution lies within that very regime, which has dominated Cuba for more than five decades, and has tried to displace the pacific dissidence.

But can someone explain the fear of publishing such a post in Granma, the state-run newspaper which represents the Cuban Communist Party? Is it ethical to deprive the people from knowledge of a phenomenon that is neither new nor established to any form of government? It is mediocre to think that all individuals with administrative positions suffer from the universal whip which scorns the minds of the weak ones of a society that is plagued by human misery. The official press, likely to accept the imprisonment of thought, once again leans towards pleasing the caprice of a minority that enjoys unlimited power.

On occassions, we feel subtle compassion for our fellow neighbors who prefer silence before a superior fear of a pain that would produce grave consequences. It is easy to isolate a portion of society with the threat of aiming weapons when they do not have any ways of defending themselves from the consumed fallacy.

It is impossible for all citizens to share the same exact ideology. From the very first moment, they amputated our chance to give our opinions and decide the future. We now need to rebel against the marked difference between slavery and freedom. Of course, not everyone choses to live under the fire of repression and to dust off the double morals which corrode the most pure ideals.

Since the very first moment that I used reasoning, I have searched for diverse sources of information. It is very sad to sin as an idiot or a naive person. The benefit of the doubt should always be present amongst each one of us. Absolutely no one possesses absolute truth. Whoever declares themselves as holding such truth is mediocre and turns themselves into a walking cadaver.

Dreams are necessary in order for humans to live amongst one another, but life cannot be lived just solely on dreams. Such a response would make us feel guilty. The fault never remains forgotten, and it is not true that fault is not only negative. Universal history demonstrates that only the people of a country are responsible, or not, for the artificial rhetoric imposed on us by the owners of absolute power.

Pablo Pacheco Avila, prisoner of conscience


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