If I were the Last One

In the past few days, there have been talks and speculations about the possible release of us, the members of the group of the 75 whom yet remain hostage under the totalitarian regime of the Castros. If such acts of liberation were to actually take place they will not be products of humanitarian good-will on behalf of the communist Cuban regime- no, no, no. Instead, it will all be a result of the tragic martyrdom of our companion in struggle Orlando Zapata Tamayo, of the brave altruism of our dissident brother Guillermo Farinas, of our exemplary sisters known as The Ladies in White and their partners The Ladies of Support, and of course of the very errors and horrors comitted by the regime of the Castros.

Personally, I don’t consider my possible liberation or the extension of my sentence as the most important issue at hand. Instead, and this truly is transcendental, I consider that establishing a frame of total respect for the inherent human right to freedom, for all Cubans, is more important. And precisely, as we try to achieve that goal we end up in the communist gulags as we peacefully fight for truth, freedom, love, and so that rights and laws can flourish in our country. I would cheerfully like to be the last political prisoner of conscience left here in the Greatest of the Antilles, but never forgetting the paradigmatic sentence of our Bronze Titan, “You don’t beg for freedom, you achieve it with the tip of a machete.”

Pedro Argüelles Morán
Group of the 75, provincial prison of Canaleta, Ciego de Avila, Cuba.


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