Ladies Dressed in Purity

Infamy and shame defines what the Cuban regime has been doing to the Ladies in White- those noble and worthy women who peacefully demand freedom for their sons, husbands, fathers, brothers, and other loved ones who have been unjustly and arbitrarily jailed. They assist masses at church and march through the streets handing out flowers to their fellow citizens. The communist regime has shown its true essence and nature, doing whatever it takes to remain in absolute power, even if the island were to drown in the Caribbean Sea. They have proved that their methods are nothing other than anti-humane and anti-democratic ones and once again they have showed their total scorn for public and international opinion.

Those mobs, which have been organized and directed by the Castro political police, scream all sorts of insults and offenses at those exemplary women who are dressed in purity. This demonstrates the incredible amount of cowardice and low morality on behalf of the Cuban totalitarian regime. While the government continues unleashing hordes of Castro supporters and condemnation rallies on the Ladies in White, they will continue tarnishing and drowning themselves in their own manure, produced by so much infamy and shame. Despite all the moral and material misery, I continue believing in national reconciliation in a country that is “of all, with all, and for the good of all”, like our apostle of independence, Jose Marti, magisterially convoked.

Pedro Argüelles Morán, grupo de los 75, Prisión Provincial de Canaletas, Ciego de Ávila.


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