My Trust

The conversations between Cardinal Jaime Ortega and the president of the republic, Raul Castro, have already begun to produce its first fruits. It’s possible that this opinion of mine may unleash a wave of criticisms both in and out of the island. In truth, though, this is not something that will rob me of my sleep. The same way that the twenty years of deprivation of freedom imposed upon me on my 33rd birthday by the Ciego de Avila tribunal has not either. In fact, I continue writing about the horrors that are committed in each one of these jail cells as I always try to portray what my conscience dictates. I will not make an exception with the issue of the negotiations between the church and the Cuban government.

According to trustworthy sources, the authorities assured the Cuban Catholic Church that they will put an end to the terrible acts of condemnation- those acts of of intolerance that have no place in today’s civilized world and which gave rise to a national and international campaign in favor of the brave and peaceful Ladies in White. The press reported that some political prisoners and prisoners of conscience- whom have been kept away from their homes in acts of hate and intolerance which have been solely intended punish their family members- were moved closer to their provinces of origin. This situation has been going on for 7 years and 3 months. The distance from their loved ones has been used as a tool by the regime to try to make these men give in and give up (a fruitless attempt) and to try to shatter the stability of their families.

On June 1st 6 prisoners from the cause of the 75 were transported closer to their provinces of residence to penitentiaries of lesser or higher severity. The transfers of some of my colleagues-in-cause makes me happy, but I also know that now we are treading down some very delicate grounds in which any misstep may affect the outcomes. I give all of my trust to the Cuban Catholic Church. It would be ideal if other organizations of our society would follow the example of this institution.

I can’t finish this without mentioning the prisoners of conscience that are currently in worse states of health and that, as a minimum, have acquired certain illnesses during their captivity. I am of the thought that the release of all of the members of the cause of the 75 should be unconditional. For us, prison has not only been unjust but has also consolidated our own political principals. We have learned to be much more human behind these bars.

Pablo Pacheco Avila


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