About this Blog

This blog is a Translation of Voces Tras Las Rejas

It is a collection of thoughts and first-hand experiences of various political prisoners that reside behind bars in Cuban jails. Getting their voices out of their cells and into this blog is made possible by a team of volunteers within Cuba and abroad. The purpose of Voices Behind the Bars is to provide an unrestricted space in which these men can let their voices be heard, without any consequences. All entries on this site are typed versions of audio clips recorded directly from phone interviews with each of the prisoners.


This English site is translated and managed by Raul Garcia (Vocestrasrejas@yahoo.com) with the immense help of other volunteers who assist through Hemos Oido, a cooperative translating site.

If you are interested in translating this blog into another language besides English or Portuguese, your help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us at Vocestrasrejas@yahoo.com.


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