A Trial By Fire for Sahilí

Representatives of the totalitarian and exclusive communist government which controls the fate of our people appeared at my home in Perico, Matanzas, on Tuesday January 12, to advise my daughter, Sahili Navarro Alvarez, that she would be permanently expelled from her fourth year of law school at the university because, months before, she took a journalism course in the Office of Interests and, as a principal requirement of Cuban universities, they train only young future professional revolutionaries.

A trial by fire for Sahili, who was beaten in the street by fanatic cheerleaders on April 26, along with six other Women in White opposite the Perico bus station. That order, against anyone in the 21st century, sent a clear message to the Cuban people and to the world, that the political system which rules in our country is more discriminatory and exclusive than the one which ruled in South Africa during apartheid and that it demands humiliation or submission if one wants to accomplish anything, because universities and liberties in Cuba are fief and chaplaincy of the communist party.

In addition, it is a message to whoever of us want to live with the dignity necessary to emigrate, to live either in glorious exile or in prison. But for the communists who give the orders in our country, I say to them from here that the three people in my home were born in this country and that we will continue to live here even if the only option remaining to us is in its slave prisons, but never on our knees.

From Canaleta Provincial Prison en Ciego de Ávila, Félix Navarro Rodríguez, prisoner of conscience and member of Pedro Luis Boitel Party for Democracy.


Long Live Religious Freedom!

Long Live religious freedom

Ciego de Avila

On January 5, prisoner of conscience Adolfo Fernandez, a member of the Group of 75, had a family visit in the Provincial Prison of Canaletas in Ciego de Aliva.  The political police official in Canaleta would not allow him to receive a magazine that his wife had brought him, claiming “that it was very strong”.  The magazine in question was Lay Space, a publication of the Lay Council of the Archdiocese of Havana, volume 5, number 3 2009, which is a publication of the Catholic Church of Cuba.  In this issue interesting subjects are presented for public debate, for the reconstruction of a broken country and the subject of the House of Cuba; Our House of Cuba. A citizen, Antonio Femenia Echemendia de Ciego de Avila, accompanied Fernandez’ wife and was not permitted to enter Canaleta prison.

Pedro Argüelles Morán, Group of 75.
Canaleta Prison

Translated by Phyllis Schoenberg