Adolfo Fernández Sainz

Considered a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International, Juan Adolfo Fernandez Sainz was an independent journalist that frequently wrote for the Patria News Agency as well as for the Russian news agency known as Prima News. He was sentence to 15 years imprisonment for peacefully expressing his views. Frequent concerns have arisen about his state of health as he has taken part in multiple hunger strikes, has reportedly had an undiagnosed lump develop on his hip, been diagnosed with emphysema, a cyst on his kidneys, prostatic hypothermia, arthritis, and high blood pressure.



  1. You may see in the Nobility of this Man’s face his decency and Humanity. That the Despots ruling Cuba will so cavalierly dispatch this Man to prison for 15 years for speaking his mind shows their contempt for their own people. This is the kind of Man much needed to put Cuba on the right path for once in it’s long and troubled History, but all his knowledge and talents are wasted, and his very Life as well by the insensitvity and Brutality of the Socialist Masters. May you perservere, Senor, and live to see a Free Cuba. God Bless You

  2. Adolfo is one of the most decent men I have ever known. I remember that in 1964 Adolfo and I were in the way to the El Capri coffee shop. For no reason we were detained by the secret police and taken to Villa Maristas. After he identified himself as an architecture student, they were going to let him go. He refused to leave without me. They threaten Adolfo with keeping him in prison too. He refused again. After a lot of discussions they let me go too. I have never forgotten that incident.

  3. Peter, I’m certain your story is one of many others should be recounting. A revolutionary never leaves one behind. I consider myself a Mambisa and have been called that all my life though I departed when only 4 years old. I’ve lived my life in the exile as they call it, but my heart is with my people, and today rests upon Adolfo and the rest of these valiant men and woman who stop at nothing to live by their code of honor, to speak truth and to lay their life down, concerned only with Truth, & freedom, understanding that it lies not in one walking the streets as a free man; but living though bound, unlimited to think, and speak though beaten, starved and deprived.

    This battle as all others can only be won engaging an army that’s not of flesh and blood, and whose dominion is all encompassing.

    Men placed Castro in authority, and it wasn’t the Cubans regardless of what army one cited with (Castro or Batista), the American’s educated and sent him, by fraud & deception he was ‘elected’ — may the only one who can revoke him, rise up off his Throne, and silver cords of all who align with him be cut and severed that their spirits may return to him who sent them to this earth & they acknowledge not, and ignore.

  4. estimado senor
    soy una estudiante francesa que estudia el movimiento de disidencia en Cuba y mas precisamente la ola de represion/ la Primavera Negra.
    Quisiera hablar con usted para tener mas informaciones para mi tesis.
    Le doy mi correo electronico
    Muchas gracias por su atencion.
    Un saludo cordial.

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